Are Whiter Teeth Healthier?

October 10, 2023

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Beautifully bright, white smiles are reflected to us everywhere we go. We see them on models in advertisements, social media influencers, and movie stars alike. It’s easy to assume that because their teeth are shining, they must also be in perfect condition. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true! Your dentist would be the first to tell you that just because someone’s smile looks perfect doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Keep reading to learn 3 reasons why having a whiter smile doesn’t necessarily mean better!

Reason #1: Tooth Sensitivity

There is a multitude of toothpaste, gels, strips, and rinses that all claim they can lighten the shade of your teeth. While they can, in many cases, they also come with a risk! The whitening agent in over-the-counter products can irritate your gums and cause tooth sensitivity. The bleach slowly wears away the protective enamel of your teeth leaving them more vulnerable. It’s especially noticeable when consuming incredibly hot or cold foods and beverages. This condition can worsen over time with repeated use of abrasive products. You may have improved your appearance, but you could end up with enough discomfort that you have to call the dentist.

Reason #2: Cavities

Many people have cavities right now and are unaware because they can crop up in places we can’t easily see, like between our teeth or in our back molars. Unfortunately, if you apply a whitening treatment to a decayed tooth, the harsh bleaching agent can penetrate the cavity. This irritates the sensitive roots and nerves underneath, leading to a most unpleasant sensation!

Reason #3: Teeth Aren’t Naturally White

We assume that if our teeth are faded in any capacity they’re stained or unhealthy. That’s simply not the truth! While yes, the enamel on the outside of our teeth is a clean bluish-white tone, there’s a layer underneath called dentin which is tinted yellow. This can be seen through the translucent enamel resulting in an ivory or off-white color. That means even the healthiest adult teeth are not pure white, though we’d like them to be!

If you want to lighten the shade of your pearly whites while maintaining your oral health, the best option is to call your dentist. They can examine your teeth to address any areas of concern, like tooth decay, that might hold you back from achieving a bright, clear smile. By ensuring your dental needs are met, you’ll keep your smile happy and sparkling for years to come!

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