Why See a Dentist Before Summer Vacation?

May 18, 2023

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A group of young people enjoying their summer vacation

It’s well into May, so the summer season is back again. Given that fact, perhaps you’re itching for a lengthy vacation. Fun in the sun could be what you need! Still, don’t get too gung-ho about a trip away from work or school. You should see a dentist before summer vacation. That way, you’ll enjoy summertime even more. Your Lewis Center dental practice can even explain why that’s the case. Here, then, are four perks to visiting the dentist before summer vacation.

Prevent Oral Issues from Summer Treats

Amidst sweltering summer days, it’s too easy to snack on sweets. Many of the season’s favorite treats – ice cream, snow cones, etc. – can cool you off. However, these items aren’t good for teeth.

You see, many of these foods are high in sugar. Eating too many of them thus puts you at risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Worse yet, sweet-tasting drinks aren’t just sugary but also acidic. Should you drink too many sodas or juices, their acids could erode your tooth enamel.

Still, a dental checkup before your trip can halt this issue. The visit would both clean your teeth and apply fluoride to them. Consequently, it’d help your chompers endure summer sweets without major decay.

Take Great Vacation Photos

Chances are you want to take photos during your vacation. That’s only natural – such pictures would help you preserve fond summertime memories. Still, healthy smiles are a must if these images include yourself and your family. Photos featuring stained teeth aren’t fun to look at.

Thankfully, a pre-trip checkup makes your smile vacation-ready. Its standard process cleans and whitens your tooth enamel. As a result, you’d go into your trip with a grin as pretty as your surroundings.

Avoid an Oral Emergency on Vacation

Dental emergencies are bad enough when you’re at home. Naturally, then, they’re even more disruptive on vacations. Their oral problems distract you from summer fun. You’re, therefore, better off avoiding them as best you can.

In truth, a prior dental visit supports this avoidance goal. Treating minor oral issues now keeps them from becoming urgent later. It thus reduces your risk of an emergency while abroad.

Make Use of Summer’s Flexibility

Most of the year, your day-to-day life may be too busy for dentistry. Put another way, it leaves you with no time for dental visits. That said, you wouldn’t face this problem in the summer.

Remember: Summertime is flexible. It gives parents more time off and kids a school-free period. To that extent, it frees up your schedule for dental visits. Therefore, you could easily book a checkup without worrying about potential conflicts.

Given the benefits above, seeing a dentist before summer vacation is best. So, go ahead and schedule your next checkup soon!

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