What should you expect after doing a tooth filling?

February 9, 2021

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Your health, especially the mouth, is significant.  Unhealthy teeth can lead to weight loss due to a lack of enough food. Of course, you will not eat when you have a toothache. “Do you have a tooth that has already decayed?” If yes, consider a tooth filling to avoid further decaying. However, sensitivity may occur after a thorough cleaning or filling. Dental Group At Polaris offers the very best dental services as one of the best dentist in Lewis Center OH.

Several causes of sensitivity after a tooth filling listed below will help you weigh out the type of sensitivity you could be experiencing, whether it’s normal or abnormal.  The first one to two hours after a tooth filling is very comfortable and okay. However, it is normal to experience the following.

  • Pain while taking something itchy and hot.
  • Gum sentimentally.
  • Lots of pain around the surface filled.
  • Some pain while brushing.

However, these side effects should not exceed four weeks. Mostly a couple of days are just enough to stop.

Few factors that will cause tooth sensitivity.

  • Pulpit

Your dentist is responsible for cleaning all the decayed part before filling; hence the heat released can be subject to severe pain. In some cases, the infection will incur if the entire decayed portion is not entirely removed. Immediately book an appointment with your dentist if you observe the following.

  •  Your gums swelling
  •  Pain doesn’t stop after four weeks
  •  Very sensitive while biting even after a couple of weeks
  •  Pus from the infected tooth.

In most cases, this experience requires a root canal to heal effectively.

  • A bite change

The filled tooth seems like it’s longer compared to the rest. While biting an extra pressure will be complied, making the tooth have some little pain.

  • Allergy

Most materials used for filling the tooth are metallic whereas, some has developed allergies to the same. Therefore, the tooth surface reacts with the metal causing some feeling of itching and pain at the same time. You should immediately call for an appointment with your dentist if you think there could be a possible allergy. 

Immediately after a tooth filling, you are recommended to exercise the following to reduce, and little manages the sensitivity. 

Few tips you should exercise to manage tooth sensitivity.

  • Do not take too much hot or cold drink.
  • Slightly warm food before eating
  • Take time brushing the tooth in slow motion.
  • Pose consuming any acidic foods.
  • Maintain cleanliness

To avoid tooth cavity, you should exercise proper hygiene all the time. Brushing your tooth twice per day should be your daily routine task. As if it is not enough, pay a visit to your Lewis Center dentist to have thorough cleaning regularly. By doing so, all the bacteria found in one’s mouth end up dying as there is no space for them to multiply.

Finding a family dentist is the best solution when planning to have a tooth filling. The dentist avails himself every time you need it before anything worse happens. After a tooth filling, he will be responsible for taking good care of the surface till it heals. In case of any problem, the issue is identified, and early precaution measures will be taken. A good smile is vital every tinkling of a second, do not take it lightly.  

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