How To Select The Best Dentistry for Children in Lewis Center

November 13, 2020

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It is the field of dentistry that involves overall oral health maintenance & dental work done for the betterment of oral hygiene for your children. For better lifetime dental health it is advisable to go for routine health check up right at the beginning years of your child. Our dentistry for children assures that your child milk teeth break appropriately to grow to permanent teeth. As prevention is always better than cure, children dentistry can assure right tooth development of your child. It includes dental care for infants, children and adolescent. Dental Group at Polaris has been treating children from all over Lewis Center, Columbus, Powell, Westerville, Galena, and other nearby areas for 31 years.

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As a Lewis Center pediatric dentist, we know how important it is to establish good oral hygiene habits in kids from an early age. Let us start your child down the path to a lifetime of great oral health. Brushing the teeth is very important habit, and it should be done regularly as it gives us healthy teeth and healthier gums within few minutes. As in the case of children the primary teeth come first and the proper care must be taken for them to avoid occurrences of cavities, if the cavities settles making them decay, have to be removed earlier than usual, causing the teeth to move reducing the space for the upcoming adult teeth. To avoid such incidences the proper brushing should be must and poor brushing techniques is opted which is ultimately leading the decaying of adult tooth too.

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There are many parents who are confused at what age they should start brushing the teeth of their children, for the proper and appropriate answer the is the best place for all your dental queries. Here the dentist not only guides you but they tell you the correct way to brush and floss to get rid of decayed tooth and bad breath and cavities. Proper age for flossing is the when the child getting tooth erupts around and are in contact with each other the age of two or three years. Once the teeth reach this point the food starts getting lodged between them and stuck food particles getting the bacteria job done by getting them decayed and development of plaque stated.

When the child is in its small age wiping of gums should be done with wet cloth or tissue may reduces the incidence of getting plaque formation or gum diseases, especially after every feed. There is basic thumb rule – first birthday first dental visit, then subsequently after every six months for better development of teeth and the care free dental hygiene as the dentist will keep an eye on the dental milestone. If you remember when we were small, we were afraid of getting tooth checked by dentist as it’s the scariest place to visit, due to syringes and all. But now those days are gone. Dental Group At Polaris dentist gives you pleasant friendly fun-loving atmosphere to work around and get you cherished while checkups.

Dentistry for Children in Lewis Center

Children primary teeth need to maintain strong and healthy for many years so permanent molars can surface properly, as molar appear around the age 14 years. Dental Group At Polaris in Lewis Center OH dentists promote brushing techniques with small amount of fluoride toothpaste by the age of three years. They do ask the parents to make the brushing funnier as the children don’t like to brush regularly and to make them do so, you have to make the  whole brushing procedure friendly and fun loving to attract the children by getting some attractive toothbrushes designs but they should soft and gentle.

Children develop dental issues by the younger age only. The earlier you get your child to us the good oral habit scan be achieved with the help of our specialist. In Earlier stages the child develops tooth decays as they are on pacifiers, feeding bottles while sleeping, or when you clean their mouth with spoon or pacifiers which they hold in mouth for long durations. The best thing our dentistry for children provides is the dental sealants for preventive measures as they are placed on your child’s back molars and act as a protective armor and reduce tooth decay.

Call us anytime at (614) 888-3692, we have been dealing in dental problems for 31 years with smile, for the smile.

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